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Terms and Conditions


JLP Consultants is not responsible for any damage or lost of any kind that can arise from the use, the misuse or the incapacity of using the information contained in this web site.

JLP Consultants is also not responsible for the inappropriate or incorrect use of it software and hardware systems.

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Our Rates

The cost of our services depends on the required work and the way of contracting them; depending on your needs the work can be quoted by the hour, by project or by recurrent payments for those clients that require long term regular services. Our quotations are based on the client’s exact requirements.

We accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our rate per hour will be agreed upon depending on the kind of work to be done with a one hour minimum.
  • All hourly and project work requires a 60% advance deposit of the estimated cost, an invoice will be provided and the 40% balance is due at the project’s delivery.
  • If the project is ongoing, an invoice will be provided on a monthly basis, issued by the 5th of the month and is payable within 15 days of its receipt. There is normally an agreed-upon deposit due at the signature of the agreement.
  • An additional charge of 25% for rush projects will apply for all services.
  • Revisions or additions to original work are charged at the applicable rate.
  • Additional expenses, such as postage, supplies, materials, hardware, software, etc. will generally be billed at cost, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
  • We normally have a 30 day warranty on all the work we do unless specified otherwise in the agreement.

In the event that the Client has an outstanding invoice, the charges shall accrue as follows:

30 days past due: 1.5% percent interest fee added to total amount owed.

45 + days past due: JLP Consultants will cease all services and the project will be placed “on hold” until the Client has paid the total amount owed plus all applicable interest fees.