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If you have a great idea that requires design and development, our specialty is in researching the possible ways of implementing it, selecting the top potential solutions and then bringing your idea to the prototype stage. We can also help you in bringing your final prototype to production. We focus on delivering to our clients fully integrated solutions to real-world needs.

I am a highly skilled with over 45 years of experience in various industries; A skilled in developing cutting-edge technological solutions including microcontrollers, robotics, kiosk software, photography, professional graphic design, video capture and processing systems, advanced video editing, video transcoder, convert text to speech, audio software and recording, 3D real-time animation, security systems and multimedia systems.

I have seen many trends come and go, good and bad, and lived through many major industry changes. I do deplore some of the current state of the industry, and applaud some of the new trends. My wife had been telling me for years to write about the the industry as we discuss things a lot and she always tells me that I was born to teach, or preach when I get excited about a subject. Since my motto has always been to learn something new daily, and that a wasted day is one where you learn nothing new, I decided to share some of that hard-earned let’s call it “wisdom” for lack of a better term.

I know that I am considered as a dinosaur in this business where you are considered old when you hit 25, but there are some of us old fogies at over twice that, that are still active and can still provide a full contribution to this or these fields.

At an early age, in the days he was spending his summers at the lake, he used to take apart everything mechanical around the cottage and actually put it back together in a working and improved condition. When electricity finally arrived with the new road deep in the woods, he started taking apart old radios and built himself a simple sound system from an old donated stereo turntable he mounted in a frame made of a few planks of wood, and the cassette recorder he had received that year as a Christmas gift. It was the start of an interest in technology that lasted until today. Those early experiences also lead him to build fine wood furniture, wood box, speaker, art, props, diorama, steampunk, fantasy, wearable, metalsmith during the years.

He was involved in the professional side of the wine, beer, spirit and food business both as a consultant and a buyer for a variety of private. It permitted him to travel the world extensively. A renowned British wine merchant was his business partner at the time, and he sponsored many of Luc’s business trips during that period and through various contacts in the wine business in Europe and other parts of the world Luc learned a lot about the wine industry in general and wine as an investment in particular.

We focus on delivering to our clients fully integrated solutions to real-world needs. We offer our services can USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central America, Caribbean, and South America or work onsite worldwide remotely depending on your needs. For a preliminary discussion of your project, free of charge and without obligations.

Luc Paquin, B.Sc., D.D.S.
JLP Consultants
Microcontrollers, IoT, Robotics, 3D Animation
Photography, Video, Art, Food and Drink Experts

J. Luc Paquin – Curriculum Vitae – 2022 English & Español