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Paranormal Sound

Paranormal Sound

White Noine

In signal processing, white noise is a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density. The term is used, with this or similar meanings, in many scientific and technical disciplines, including physics, acoustical engineering, telecommunications, and statistical forecasting. White noise refers to a statistical model for signals and signal sources, rather than to any specific signal. White noise draws its name from white light, although light that appears white generally does not have a flat power spectral density over the visible band.

Brownian Noise

In science, Brownian Noise is the type of signal noise produced by Brownian motion, hence its alternative name of random walk noise. The term “Brown Noise” does not come from the color who documented the erratic motion for multiple types of inanimate particles in water.

FM Tuner

If your project already has an amp and just needs a full-featured FM tuner, this is the board for you.

Wave Packet

In physics, a wave packet is a short “burst” or “envelope” of localized wave action that travels as a unit. A wave packet can be analyzed into, or can be synthesized from, an infinite set of component sinusoidal waves of different wavenumbers, with phases and amplitudes such that they interfere constructively only over a small region of space, and destructively elsewhere. Each component wave function, and hence the wave packet, are solutions of a wave equation. Depending on the wave equation, the wave packet’s profile may remain constant (no dispersion) or it may change while propagating.

  • Microcontroller
  • FM Tuner
  • NeoPixel
  • Display
  • Potentiometer
  • Switch
  • Speaker
  • Battery
  • Enclosure
  • Etc…

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