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The Electronic Hardware & Robotics Experts

Welcome to JLP Consultants

Who Are We?

I am a highly skilled with over 37 years of experience in various industries. Some of the projects we developed over the years. 

We are skilled in developing cutting-edge technological solutions including electronic hardware design, robotics, hardware and software integration, microcontrollers, web, mobile software solutions, wireless networking integration, telecommunications integration, GPS and navigation systems, RFID systems, inertial motion capture systems, video capture and processing systems, security systems, multimedia systems and unmanned vehicles (terrestrial, marine and UAVs).

If you have a great idea that requires design and development, our specialty is in researching the possible ways of implementing it, selecting the top potential solutions and then bringing your idea to the prototype stage. We can also help you in bringing your final prototype to production. We focus on delivering to our clients fully integrated solutions to real-world needs.

We offer our services can USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, or work onsite worldwide remotely depending on your needs. 

For a preliminary discussion of your project, free of charge and without obligations, please write to us at: info@jlpconsultants.com